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When children go to school with their own school supplies and a full belly, it can improve grades, creativity, attitudes, behavior, self-image, and their overall ability to learn.

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In 2022 the the average cost of school supplies in the United States was a whopping $661 per child !


Each August, DRIVE steps in to help relieve the burden of this extraordinary cost by providing children in need with many of the items needed to get the school year started off on the right foot. 


During the Back 2 School program DRIVE provides everything from brand new backpacks and school supplies to brand new water bottles and lunch boxes.


We even include lunchbox ready food items to fill the lunch boxes multiple times!


 All food items provided during Back 2 School are shelf stable and lunchbox ready such as beef jerky, shelf stable milk, cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers, goldfish crackers, granola bars, fruit cups, and more!


 All backpacks given include everything needed to kickstart the school year including markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, pencil boxes, pencils, pens, folders, notebooks and more!

300 children were supported in the Back 2 School program for 2023!

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