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Christmas Cheer 2022

1/10/23, 8:30 PM

DRIVE supports over 265 children during Christmas in 2022!

Together with the help of many generous donors, wish list sponsors, volunteers, board members, friends, and our incredible community, DRIVE was able to support over 265 children for the 2022 Holiday Season!

Each fall DRIVE receives referrals of children who will need holiday support from local elementary schools, special education centers, shelters, churches, and other partner organizations. These children are all living at or below poverty level within our community, many of which without basics such as food and proper clothing.

Our goal during Christmas Cheer is to not only provide those basics but to also gift these children with the joy, love, and magic of the holiday season when they need it most!

This includes providing food, clothing, winter gear, boots, personal care items, and 

(most magical of all) Christmas Wish List items to each child that is in need.

In 2022, we were able to provide Christmas gifts for over 265 children and we cannot wait to see what will happen in 2023!

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