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DRIVE is officially launched!

3/25/19, 1:00 PM

DRIVE is officially launched!

After many months of research and planning, DRIVE was revealed to R&E Automated founder and sole proprietor—Dan Jaraczewski—in recognition of a milestone birthday, at a party on March 23, 2019.

The inaugural event raised an impressive $8,000.

Dan Jaraczewski started R&E Automated in 1999 and as a result of his personal drive to help those in need has been involved in various community projects over the years as a business owner and a civic leader.

“As a local business owner and someone who cares deeply for their community, creating a foundation to have more impact just seemed like the right thing to do,” said Eva Jaraczewski, CFO at R&E Automated, Romeo.

Jaraczewski was instrumental in creating and developing the nonprofit in her husband’s honor.

In addition to focusing on the wellness of children—offering assistance in health, nutrition, safety and common needs—the foundation plans to partnership with local schools to help students participate in higher education and training. DRIVE strives to create scholarships and other assistance programs to assist in the growth and education enhancement of the community’s youth.

“Community involvement and volunteerism are engrained into the R&E corporate atmosphere, so it only made sense to develop a foundation that not only our immediate family, but any of our work family can participate in various levels,” said Eva Jaraczewski.

The foundation was revealed during an inaugural kick-off celebration on March 23 and is planning multiple fundraising and community events throughout the year.

“DRIVE was a great surprise,” said Dan Jaraczewski. “I’ve been so blessed in my personal and professional life that the opportunity to do more for others in our community is the best gift I could ever have received.”

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