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DRIVE Supports Wyatt Plewinski

1/17/20, 4:00 PM

DRIVE provides assistance and cleaning services to 8 year old Wyatt Plewinski after a family dog attack.

In September 2019, Jessica Plewinski and her two children Hailey, 13, and Wyatt, 8, found a 5-year-old German Shepherd dog. After a successful trip to the vet they began fostering him. Then, shortly before Christmas Jessica received word they would be able to officially adopt the dog.

On January 7, Wyatt and Hailey were enjoying some time at home relaxing and playing video games when Wyatt was subsequently attacked by the dog they had just adopted. His sister Hailey tried everything in her power to protect him. Unfortunately there was a significant amount of damage done and Jessica rushed Wyatt to McLaren Port Huron Hospital. He was later moved to Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit to receive the remainder of his care.

During his time at the hospital, Wyatt underwent two surgeries resulting in hundreds of stiches to repair the back of his head and neck, as well as nerve damage to the right side of his face. Doctors informed Jessica the healing of Wyatt’s nerves was extremely important, as this would allow his face to have movement in the future.

On Sunday, January 12 Wyatt was sent home from Children’s Hospital with a projected recovery time of at least 8 weeks, which included multiple scheduled visits back to the hospital for therapy and testing. During this time, Jessica took many days away from work to be with Wyatt and help him heal properly.

During this difficult time DRIVE was able not only raise funds to help support the medical costs of Wyatts operation but we were also able to have the family home commercially cleaned to rid it of any evidence from the attack.  

We are grateful to everyone who helped us contribute something to this family! 

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