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Universally Accessible Playscape

4/1/22, 8:45 PM

DRIVE contributes to Universally Accessible Playscape in New Baltimore.

In March 2022, DRIVE was presented with an opportunity to support a Universally Accessible Playscape within Walter & Mary Burke Park in New Baltimore,  Michigan and we jumped at the chance to support such a wonderful gathering space for local children!

Walter & Mary Burke Park is located at 36300 Front St, New Baltimore, MI 48047

We encourage everyone in the area to bring your kids and check it out!

What Is A Universally Accessible Playscape?

A universally accessible playscape uses varying types of play features and ADA accessible surfaces and ramps to allow for children of all abilities to play together, including:

  • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing allowing handicap access to the entire play area.

  • Penchura’s proprietary We-Go-Round: a merry-go-round type of play element that allows for fully integrated play. 

  • Penchura’s proprietary Cozy Dome: a play element that is specifically designed for reducing sensory and auditory stimuli, giving children a place to rest and recoup if they become overstimulated.

  • Other play structures that incorporate a range of sensory, tactile, visual, and auditory play features.

  • ADA accessible paths and seating that completely surround the play structure.

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